Yoga and Fitness Instructors who already

run classes are sitting on a Gold mine.

Others can do this at home like me

and my family.


Discover how adding 7mwo to a Yoga,  or Weight Watchers

or Zumba Class, and best of all  a  Dahan Yoga class at home;

which I do to warm up before 7mwo; could make you Rich;

many weeks before you get completely Fit.

Watch this to warm up I do on skype, with my daughter Aileen 

( 50 miles away), before my 7mwo, at 7.30 AM every other day.

7mwo= 7 minutes workout every other day. #Just7mins. The difference and

 Secret, is the one day complete rest every other day to let the muscles build,

During the Anabolic period.

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Health and Wellness for you and 5 friends or family members