Exercise at Home & Working from Home.


Proof that persistence produces results

I have been doing these simple exercises ever since

My daughter Aileen Gonsalves insisted that I do them daily.

She is making sure that her Dad is able to fight Covid-19

even if he catches it.

I am an MLMer and I work from home. However, many people

working from home have caught Covid-19.

Please try and do these simple exercise in 2021 before promoting 

your business etc.



Not sure how fast your list is growing but in 3 months

time you could be sending 200 x 90 = 18,000 USA leads

to your link with the click of the mouse.Daily. Wow!!

You can use my secret and turn a tiny

amount of effort into a LOT of
easy money.


I use these leads for my primary business, my Free Exercise & my daughters website.
 Stay safe but excited

Don Gonsalves


For anyone wanting to improve their Acting Skills, Public Talking skills

or have sons & daughters in drama school etc. My daughter has extra ordinary 

Teaching Acting Skills.( Book being Launched in April 2021)

https://www.gonsalvesmethod.com/Keep It Super Simple

Keep It Super Simple Please

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