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Don Gonsalves here.

I have been wanting to become a millionaire in MLM since 1980

for one reason only.

That is to create a One Line Downline Marketing Plan to help other like minded people 

who believed in the concept of MLM, so as  to earn a high Passive Income, 

instead of the low interest that the banks give us for our savings.

First watch this One Line Downline Plan just launched. Then watch the other

videos to see why I can help you achieve your dreams & Goals with this One Line

Downline Plan.


Here is the proof of my Dream Business One Line Downline,

I wanted to launch in 1990


Here is the proof, as posted in Facebook #Donsway 


and here

Join me here so you are sure to get the benefit of my experience.


Stay S.S.S.

Stay Safe, Secure & Stress Free with Don Gonsalves

working For & with You


  New Normal vs Old Normal  

Old Normal ( B4 Covid-19) was for young
Affiliate Marketers to retire 
early( 40'S) with 6 & 7 figure Passive Incomes
as a pension for life..

New Normal is for older people to become Affiliate Marketers
so as to become wealthy after being forced to take early 
retirement ( 50's) with little or no pension.
Believe 2 Achieve
If you Believe there is No Free Lunch
then join MME before you join Free GDLC.
otherwise join GDLC before MME 
Make Life Meaningful

Stay Safe