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Don Gonsalves ex-Strathmore College
ex-Egerton Agriculture College,Njoro, Kenya.
ex-Kenya Harlequins Rugby Player
(First Non European Rugby Player in Kenya.
Ex- No 1; MLMer with L'Arome UK/Ireland Ltd from 1989/91.
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Every Sunrise Is An Invitation
To Arise and Brighten Someone's Day
What We Do
So many challenges face refugees and people

seeking asylum right here – and that’s why we exist.
Now millions of refugees will be coming from

Ukraine to Romania & Cyprus.
Alexis Thomas's TeamBuildClub is based in Cyprus.
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Leads & can earn 10% Commission & could cover their

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Marketing Business as well.
I am 80 yrs old and live in the UK. The only way I can
use my 40 yrs
of MLM experience is to try and use this amazing
concept to raise
money for Ukraine, & support staff who run the
GVO business in Ukraine.
If Network Marketing is the easiest & smartest
way to raise money quickly, why don't Internet marketers
use this system to raise money for Ukrainians
suffering in Ukraine.
40% of the support staff running the Texas based GVO
office are based in the GVO office
that was bombed in Kharkiv. Join this business
and ask the owner Joel Therien & his Ukrainian partner
Yevgenia Antonova to donate 100% of your profits to
the warzone as long
as the war lasts.. 

To our friendship & success working

To our friendship & success working
Don ( Make sure your sponsor is donwins41)  



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